Saturday , October 1 2022

Mahmudullah, Khulna finisher again The first light


After Zakir and Zahurul’s 50-run partnership at the start of the pubs, the fall of some wickets in the middle increased the pressure on Khulna. Shakib-Mahmudullah could have coped with the pressure if he had come to the crease for some time. But Shakib (4) was taken out by Saifuddin’s outside ball stump. Mukidul came and dismissed Shamim Patwari who was on the up. When the match was rocking on both sides, Mahmudullah scored 15 runs in 19th over and brought the match into his hands. Khulna won by 5 wickets with 4 balls left in the inning.

In the first pubs, the highest order of the Rajshahi ministerial group means Nazmul Hossain, again proved. Nazmul had to do two things to run fast and catch the pubs in top order involving Anisul Haque and Roni Talukdars. This young left arm opener has been able to do just that today. Rajshahi’s early failure in his innings of 55 off 36 balls was covered.

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