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Mahi is burned separately


Mahia Mahi, the popular heroine of Dhaka cinema, has been lively. There 's a Radharman song,' Where did Bramar, Lord Krishna go on fire, Jhela ray, Bhramar kaio goya ….. & # 39;

Suddenly, why does sinkabeta singer sing? It was known to the film maker Mostafizur Rahman Manik. He said that shooting a lot of film 'Anand Tears'; in Bariulia the capital has begun. The Radharman Bai Karbo Geya is used in this film. The hero Mahi is shooting on this song on Sunday.

Mahi was crying in a scene. In the background, 'Krrishna Bicharad Anayle ….. & # 39; is the role of the main character in the film. Mahi is therefore going to be seen in Birah's house, Mahi.

Jade Mazzalish made a new song in the song 'Bhramar Kaheo Giya & # 39; written by Radharman Dutt. The fountain gave the voices

Director Manik said, the film will continue for nearly a week in Burbulia. Simon will also be taking part in a shooting soon. And when shooting these days, about 90 percent of the pictures will be finished. Then there will be two songs and some scenes from the film.

Movie shooting 'joy'; in Manikganj on February 3 last year. The film then went on gradually. The rest of the shooting will stop after Eid. The film will be released this year.

Besides the popular pair of 'Mustafizur Rahman Manik', the popular pair of Simon Saddique 's; 'Mahia Mahhi', Two Tight Lights', there are a number of famous stars. Shakti Karan Shahiduzzaman Selim has played the role of Khal Nayak in the film.

In fact, the film was released in 1997 by 'Shibli Sadik', 'Anand Aashru'. Actor Salman Shah and Shabnur played the popular pair of that time. The picture is made from the same name but the name of the two pictures does not match the other, says the director t


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