Sunday , January 17 2021

Kohli recovers $ 1 million worth of prizes

The picture is old but Kohli is going to go back to the Test. Photo: NMW

The ICC Test Championship was controlled by India.

India will pick up the Indian Test Championship, understood that since the beginning. The remainder were formal publications The publication is usually issued by the NMW on 1 April. Today, the regulatory body gave the cricket team away. India has had a million dollars (Taka 8 creator) in Gada and this year's cash prize, keeping the best place in the Test sites.

India, with a score of 116 grading points, won the Test series for the first time in Australia in January. Previously, India defeated the West by India West. Kohli, who led India in the Test series against India or India, was an example of aggressive cricket, he deserved the prize. India has played four series in the past year, three have lost England but England loses the sweat to lose India t

The ICC Test Championship will be awarded by the top of the team by April 1st. Typically, when the change in the ranks over the years, with the trophy trophy, the appearance of tape as a cloak. But the prize money will only be awarded at the end of April 1st. That's a million dollars!

India has won the third time title on a fixed date and won the roles and the money. New Zealand beat Bangladesh 2-0 in a test match Kyle Williamson's team gets 108.00 points as a reward for five million dollars Third place South Africa in third place is two million dollars

In the ICC Test Championship, which starts at the end of September this year, "The ICC Ghas Testing Championship is once again proud of us" Our team do well in three editions. But at the top of the Test sites, there is always some other satisfaction. Everyone knows how important the test cricket is. This recognition will help us to do well in the ICC Test Championship which starts at the end of the year. "

The ICC and the GADA officers and the Czech will not be transferred to the ICC. Just say, it will be notified at the right time.

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