Friday , August 19 2022

Khaleda Zia stay for treatment


Former chairman of prisoners and BNP Begum Khaleda Zia are ill. Now her physical condition is not good. Its physical problems are increasing. Solicitors Khaleda Zia said she was very ill, so on February 12, she was appealed to the court asking for permission to be treated by a private doctor. No order was found for his treatment.

According to lawyers, Khaleda Zia seriously ill can not continue without a wheelchair. He was lying on Wednesday due to illness, so he was not brought to court. The ACC lawyer said he was asleep. For this reason, orders need to be ordered for fast treatment.

At present, the Nike and GATCO pollution cases have been introduced to the court on wheelchairs. During the court, Khaleda Zia was found sitting in a wheelchair, covered with white cloth until his sweat. During the court, he is not seen to move his legs. Special February-9 Judge Sheikh Hafizur Rahman, who seems to be court of the Special Judge-3 Abu Syed Diljar Hossain, and on March 3, at Old Dhaka Central Jail, is scheduled to appear in court Aliya Madrasa at Bakshibazar, Old Dhaka on February 27. But on February 20, Begum Khaleda Zia was not produced before the court heard the Nike Corruption Case due to illness. His lawyers told the court that he was seriously ill. He fell asleep because of illness. However, the lawyer's authorities and the prosecutor's jail told the court that Khaleda Zia did not come to court because she was sleeping.

In this regard, lawyer, Masud Ahmed Talukder, said, we have presented the list of seven personal doctors for the treatment of Begum Khaleda Zia in court. On Wednesday, the court said the High Court said that five doctors break the names of two doctors. Then, I dropped the names of two doctors and introduced 5 lists. The court said, we will issue an order later. However, he did not receive orders for handling Khaleda Zia. He also said that when the prison authorities came to steal on February 20, he was lying because of illness. Failing to bring him for this. Khaleda Zia is now seriously ill Due to being in prison, all day's problems are increasing. That's why it needs to be treated quickly.

Earlier on February 12, Begum Khaleda Zia advised lawyers to apply for her treatment. After that Khaleda Zia went to court, met his lawyer, AJ Mohammad Ali, Masud Ahmed Talukder and Kaiser Kamal. At present, Khaleda Zia told her to apply for medical treatment by telling them about her illness. Later, Khaleda Zia, who referred to the serious illness, filed a petition with the personal doctor, who helped court the lawyer, Masud Ahmed Talukdar. He said in court on that day, Begum Khaleda Zia was taken at the Sheikh Mujib Sheikh Medical Center (BSMMU) for Bangbandhu treatment for the High Court order last September. But he was jailed again after medical treatment. His condition is not good at the moment. Its physical problems are increasing. The High Court's order is about treatment. Now he's very ill. Therefore, we ask again by a personal doctor to give him medical treatment. In response, the court said that the High Court's order had lodged the court on handling Khaleda Zia. We will order later.

Lawyer Khaleda Zia, Barrister Kaiser Kamal, said the two-point letter had already sent to the Home Affairs Ministry about the issue of the illness of Begum Khaleda Zia. The last letter was sent on January 17. An application has been made to court the court with a personal doctor. His personal doctor's name was mentioned in the application.

On February 8 last year, Khaleda Zia was sentenced to five years in prison in the case of a Ziaphan trust. Khaleda Zia was taken to the old central prison immediately after the ruling was published. The Hospital of the Medical University of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib (formerly a PG Hospital) was taken to court in the court last September after being ill in prison. The lawyer's claim was that he was coming back to court to appear before the court in the case of Neko, keeping the treatment unfinished.

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