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Katrina Suraiya Jaan, am I seeing? Then see (video)



& # 39; Suraiya jan logi kyaa & # 39; … In the film of Thagas of Hindustan & # 39; Katrina Kaif, Suraiya singing dance, I have to say that Suraiya has been kidnapped! Many people say he has surrendered himself to this dance, seeing Katrina's dance in the Lord's choreography. Superstar Aamir Khan himself said that this dance is not possible even after following his 10 years of practice.

Suraiya started with Aamir Khan. She starred Khil's character, Firangi Molla Mae Firango goes in to hide the Company Officer of East India. Aamir Khan, who came to the stage with Katrina came to the screen, to the screen with the screen.

Despite his efforts, Suraiya continued to dance with the help of firing. For three minutes and a half, Suraiya's dance keeps dance fun. When the words are said to be true, & # 39; Boss Do Suraiya & # 39 ;. Surrey, in fact, seems obsessing with the observer, has taken the life away.

A little more obvious, Surayya and Firangi Mullah are threatening each other in the song. Because Suraiya knows everything about the bad motives of Firangi. At the end of the song, the opening of the finger wig, Suraiya went on ahead of everyone.

Earlier, in an interview, Aamir Khan said, "The song is very funny. Then I'll see it with Katrina But I've been practicing for 10 years but I can not dance as Katrina so beautiful. Suryaar Leikik is my best choice. The song has improved the relationship between Suraiya and Firangi.

Katrina plays the role of a dancer in the film of Thames of Hindustan. Aamir Khan played the role of a person named Firangi Molla, who recruited East India Company against Thugs.

Suraiya, Amitabh Bhattacharya Writing. Tune to music arranged Ajay-Atul Shreya Ghosal and a massive dancer gave a voice to the song. The choreographer and famous dancer, Lord Deba, co-ordinated the contemporary trend with the old trend of Indian dance in the song.

The movie also plays Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Danglakanya Fatima Sana Sheikh. Published & View of Hindustan & # 39; directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya on November 8.

The movie wins £ 52 skin on the release day. But after that the criticism is in the face. As a result, the ticket office collection reduces. Income up to 134 skin in 6 days. Source: NDTV

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