Sunday , August 14 2022

Kangana was also better than Dipika for Parishrami! … – 751439 | Kantho Kaler


It's true queen; Now Kangana Ranawat exceeds all the Bollywood recognition actors. After the 'Moni Karna: Queen Jhansi', former Prime Minister Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha, will be seen in the role of Kangana.

In Hindi, not only Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, it will be released in different languages. In Tamil, the name of the movie is ',' and the name of the movie will be 'Jaya'; in Hindi. The picture of the story written by Bahubali author KV Vijayendra Kangana takes 24 crores of rupees for the acting biopic of Jayalaletta. Before the Simran; Rangoon, Kangarara compensation was 11,000 taka.

And after this recognition, a country actress who won a country in Kangana. Priyanka has played for Padma Vat before Deepika Padukone for 13 raw rups. Ranbir Singh and Shahid Kapoor got a Tk 10

After success 'Veer The Wedding'; Karina Kapoor Khan recently increased her fee to 10 taka crore. Although other actresses in the film 'Veer the Wedding', apart from Karina, it was claimed that the film had been hit for Karan's fame.

Kareena got Rs 7 in this film. Indeed, Bollywood actors are much more expensive than actresses. In particular, Khan's fees are more than 50 crores.

In terms of playing Jayalalitha biopsy, Kangna said, "I always wanted to work in the regional film. When I went to Tamil Nadu, I saw people in the area just like watching films in their language. So there is a distance from Bollywood with them. To wait for such a good opportunity, and this picture gives me that opportunity. t

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