Saturday , January 22 2022

Incredible Shahjad Record || Game || Janakantha


Shahjad's incredible record

Online Desk The size of the format, the bats is so horrible. In the T-10 cricket, Mohammed Shahzad was just like a devastating trunk. The Afghan Ranger's bat fought 16 balls only to score 74 untreated without being out in a Credo pub!

Shahzad played the trip to Rajput in the T-deg League in Dubai on Wednesday. After achieving the target and running 95, they were thrown out for 96 runs in 96 stations. Wins 10 wickets in great spelling

Brendon McCullum, New Zealand, the second cricketer to play with Shahjad, both Rajputs lost to Syndis by 24 running in the opening pair.

Shahzad 74 scored in 16 balls with the highest score of any bats in the history of T-10 cricket. The Afghan bat that completed half a century in 12 inserts on this leaflet, which is the first T drag.

Shahjad did not have any dot balls in this leaflet. The 30-year-old bat strikes eight balls out of 16 balls in 16 balls. Incredible!

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