Monday , October 3 2022

In the first year of reception that began today


The Jagannath University (JB) is the first year reception in the academic year (honors) of the academic year starting Sunday. It is known that the information is published on the university website
It is said in the first step, published in the merit list, published in unit-1 (Department of Science), Unit 2 (Humanities branch), Unit-3 (Trade Branch), and sharing a special category (Music, Fine Arts, Drama, Film and Television). The nominated students will be accepted from 11 November to 15. In the second period (subject to vacancies), the nominations will take place from November 18 to 22, in the third stage (subject to vacant seats) nominated students are nominated from one month November 25-27, and in the fourth stage (subject to vacant seats) will be held on December 2. Call for access.
Apart from this, the quota interviewing the candidates (each quota) will start from 10am on 2 December at the Sanctuary Definitive Office. The quota results will be published on December 3. The receipt will be between 4 and 6 December.
The original certification of the SSC and HSC, registration card and certificates and one photocopy will have to be certified from each one, together with two copies of the printed passport and printed greetings photos of online and admission card signed by the observer in the exam brought together with the original certificate.
Access details are available on the University website (
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