Friday , August 19 2022

ICC announces quarrels over cricket … … 751542 | Kantho Kaler


Controversial arguments, quarrels and even brawling with cricket are not uncommon. Those who have played the lane in the footsteps of the holiday must understand exactly how much this game is. But what happens often in this game is the problem with the outside of the box. Playing out of any decision outside of the decision means it happens regularly in a cricket of such. Pakistan's cousins ​​came to the NMW with controversial trips.

Both sides could not discuss this controversial exit; The cricketers tweet for ICC's main regulatory body, ICC, after taking photographs of the stamps. In the picture, the middle wicket of three wickets lies on the ground. But amazingly, it didn't lock! Two Blaps have been added to an invisible connection! The problem was that the Khudera. So they went to the NMW.

The top cricket organization posted the first image and wrote, 'Say it out or not?' Social site users comment on tweets. But most of the opinion isn't out. Because the Bell had not fallen. Soon after the ICC tweeted, it's out. According to ICC's Rule 29.1.1, if any wicket is dominated, then the batter will be out even if the bell is intact. Earlier, the NMW filed its dispute; But these are very rare.

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