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Her reckless behavior at the back of the victory

Sports Reporter 27 November 018, Tuesday, 9:40 pm

The Awami Bangladesh League confirmed Sunday the nomination of 230 candidates. The former national player, Arif Khan Joy, is not on the list. Among the ministers, the only youth minister and sport Arif Khan jai have left the debate to storm the whole game. Many people are blamed for their own actions to be excluded from the victory. Many take responsibility for not keeping control of the siblings.
After being nominated for the first time in the election of January 5, 2014, First Minister Sheikh Hasina has appointed a former football player as Deputy Youth and Sports Commissioner. Being a former MP and minister of the national football team was a great surprise in politics. But without going for a season, the Awami Australian League had to step down from the boat. On Monday, the main debate on the people of the sport – one of the guardians of Arif Khan won the party's nomination.
Arif Khan Joy Vice Chair of the National Sports Council, as Deputy Minister for Sport. The office chairman of the game said. Biren Shikdar Biren Shikdar received the ticket for the fourth consecutive boat drawn from Magura-2 seats. However, Arif Khan did not win his boat trip. Since taking office as Deputy Minister, he was criticized in controversial activities. Arif Khan Joy, who is also a minister of the third division football league, was involved in a series of controversial activities of the Vandalism office of a joint secretary in his ministry, since he had no name to enter a fire field , drive the police to the fan. In the media, there has been a lot of news about economic fraud for the media, with the promise of having jobs or other positions in their constituency (Netrokona-2). Besides, Arif Khan Joy has also been criticized for his ill-treatment on siblings. In particular, his two brothers, Mithu and Masud Khan, were desperate for the elder brother. During the activities of his two brothers, the leaders and operators of Awami League often complained in the center. Arif Khan Joy Raf and Tauf were named in the life of the player. So also in the ministry. Minister of State of the same ministry. Biren Shikdar also had a relationship with him declining. Although he has been invited to various entertainment events, there is a complaint of not becoming timely and not punctual, against many Arif Khan Joy Australian Awami League has sent a letter to the 230 candidates as boat candidates for the elections on December 30. Among them there is a lot of sport. However, he is one of the only soccer players, Abdus Salam Murshedi. The boat nomination was received for the Khulna-4 constituency. However, in the BNP, elections are held with a host of symbols of a rice bag. Mashrafe was nominated for this year's selection. If Arif Khan was not controversial, he would have stayed in the boat. But by putting it down to Netrokona-2, Bangladesh Awami League has given another candidate. He is the new non-parliamentary member Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru.

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