Thursday , January 20 2022

Google's new strategy to save battery life


Google has adopted a new battery life saving strategy on Android, its Google creator. Recently, at a conference from one of Android Developers, Google said that Dark Mode should be used to increase battery life.

Google offers how the Android operating system offers to spend batteries at the conference. Developers consider that this information is very effective in helping to increase battery backup when building an app. Android developers

But in the dark mode the battery can not be saved. Because the brightness shows more than the battery's waste on Android phones. Also depending on the color shown on the display, the amount of battery it will cost.

By using a dark way on the phone, the bitterness of its display is greatly reduced. The display has less color processing. This makes the battery life longer.

At the conference, Google also said that the tool in YouTube, 43 percent less battery was lost in comparison to normal mode in a dark way. Because many of this app has been included in white color.

(DhakaTimes / 11 Nov / AY)

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