Thursday , January 20 2022

Google will tell if the restaurant's food is healthy


Go to the restaurant to eat, but the fear works, the food will be fresh! To avoid this, Google seems to be a trio. If you eat food from a restaurant, it is likely that the manufacturer will publish food poisoning in advance.

Google is trying to create a special type of machine learning algorithm with the United States Harvard University. In this way, Google search analysis provides a list of food-consuming foods in food safety.

Researchers say that it will provide information about unsafe restaurants that may be unfortunate in the fastest time. The model has been named a Real Time Live Food Finder or Digestor. In the first case, it will look for specific subjects such as bowel or diarrhea.

But no information was given about how it will be launched. People go to different restaurants and tell their experiences through smartphones. The perception will collect data from all the previous history he has on the smartphone and to explore. This can be reported to the food safety deficit restaurants.

Researchers run the tests in 2016 and 2016 in the city of Chicago and Las Vegas. The identity rate of unhealthy restaurants in two cities by technology was found to be 52.3 per cent.

In the regular campaign, an unsafe restaurant identification rate is 22.7 per cent. Google Scientist Senior Reich Richard and co-author of the Evgeny Gabriłovich study said we could use online data as a long-term and cost-effective way for improving public health.

Researchers believe that the health department can use the Finder algorithm with an existing method to identify unsafe restaurants. As it is more effective than current customer complaints and campaigning methods.

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