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Germany lasted 40 years in the five-minute storm in the Netherlands Latest News BD


As the UEFA Nations League goes on, the Netherlands put their best after the game. The Netherlands needed a point to move to the next round. Why did the group of other group teams of French world champions already have seven points. As a result, in Away fits, there was no overcame against German archivists. But behind the curtains horribly scared megabe at the Duchess game. Twenty-two runs behind, a pull of five minutes, the Coan team pulls. At this rate, the pressure on the Zoyzim Low coach will increase gradually. The Germans were a winner for most of the last 40 years because they were abolishing the Netherlands.

Win Germany in five games After 978, there was no such situation in Kaisers & # 39; Of the three pay and two rates. The Germans suffer from circular drought. In the first seven games, he scored the five goals.

Although the Away game was just ahead of the Germans in the game breaks, the Netherlands However, in the 9 minute home, Timo Warner went on in the German game. This game was against Germany. As a result, nothing would have lost. They continue to increase weight. The result is a 10 minute goal. Increase the gap between the Lierai San team. They could raise the gap again before the break. But the scope of the scandal is jeanabariira.

But after the break, the orange brigade attack increased pressure assault. When everyone has gone out of the tournament, the Netherlands have been hitting out, only when dramatic changes change Quincy Promos dropped the team's edge in 85 minutes. Finally, they get a result of weight. In the 90 minutes, Lieutenant Lieutenant will return to the team in the best quality.

With a point of view referring to a number of points with France, the Netherlands However, with the goal difference, the Netherlands in the next round In the previous game, a Dutch 2-0 World Champion lost the Netherlands. / KS

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