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For the first time …


For the first time … | November 21, 018, Wednesday, 8:27

Mithila is a popular model and actor of this period. For the last 10 years, he worked with a reputation in BRAC International. Because of that, he must be very busy. And so it is not seen in the play or advertisement. However, Mithila tried to make plays or advertisements on holiday. He did a job just last week. After working as a new advertising model. For the first time, I worked as a model for advertising on My Account & # 39; from IFIC Bank, led by Syed Apon Ahsan, creator of the advertisement ad. Mithila, who has already taken part in shooting the advertisement at the charcoal factory in the capital, said. Appa's wife Ahsan, Tropa Majumdar Apa, was with me during the shoot. For that reason, good time has passed in the story. Besides, your brother is a very talented builder. I loved my instructions very much. I love the integrity of the whole unit. I'm very optimistic about the advertisement. According to the sources, the advertisement will be available during the first week of December. Expression & # 39; as her creative agency Meanwhile, Mithila has already acted in two short films. Green Bag & # 39; Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi & # 39; Welcome to Family & # 39; gan B.B. Pritam. Actually, after watching the movie Devi & # 39; from Jaya Ahsan, Mithila was interested in acting in the movie. He said that I am now ready to work in the movie. If good stories, talent directors and all related things fit into the bats, then I may be acting in the movie soon.

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