Thursday , May 26 2022

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The film was triggered by the popular filmmaker of Dhaka Mahia Mahi's film On May 25, 2016, the husband Parvez Mahmud has been doing a good business with Apur from now on, he says. Yesterday, Mahi said to Manabjamin, we are fine. In fact, nothing has happened in our family life to date. We are together, I am the same. Two days ago, I went to Sylhet after hearing about my father-in-law's illness. Now it's good. Give some work to people. Apu is a little romantic But people of good thinking. If I say to Apu, let's go to Long Drive; Then he replied, "Let me play Ludu today." There are still many child attitudes in place. We're right It should be noted that the media is pressing for the film maker for many days that Mahia Mahir has become angry about the divorce. Mahajan Mahi, that so much is not the case – the husband of Parvez Mahmud does not go well with his family life. Finally, the movie Mahabharata & # 39; released by Mahia Mahi and DA Taib on February 22, Dark World. The film was directed by Badiul Alam Khokan. On February 13, coming to this year's shotgun, shoot Ananda Tshur & # 39 ;, says Mahi. Simon Sadiq operates opposite Mahi in the film directed by Mustafizur Rahman Manik. As well as this picture, all of the photos will end the Mahi work. And in front of her Avatar & # 39; actors the movie will be released. This film was directed by Mahmud Hasan Sikder. In the movie Amin Khan, apart from Misa Saudagar, Rousseau played opposite Mahi.

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