Friday , May 27 2022

Economic sterile has integrated into an administration || National | Janakantha


Economic sterile has integrated into an administration

Online Reporter Finally, the Civil Service of Bangladesh (Cader Economaidd) joined the chairman of the Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration). The Ministry of Public Administration has published Gazette on Tuesday (November 13).

It was noted in the order that the Administration and the Economic Cadre have been combined to ensure a more dynamic, integrated and public administration. It is said in the order that all members of the Ministry and the Economic Cadre and the workforce administration cadernum will be appointed and highlighted. According to the official intellectual list of the Public Services Commission, the senior chain officers and senior police chain officers joining the pool will be assigned with their appropriate batch-chain chains officers.

According to the inter-ministerial committee's recommendations for integration, all the posting, advanced assessment and integration of integrated cadre officers will be implemented actively.

If the order is fully implemented, the government can explain or order it if necessary, if there is an explanation or order that has not been mentioned in this order. In order to abolish the economic cadre, the Civil Service of Bangladesh (Reorganization, 1980 & 39) Order will be amended. Number of Cader Economic 464 officers Currently there are 4,845 people in the administrative chain. As the officials of the Economic Cadre are unified, the total number of administrative chain officers is 5,309.

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