Wednesday , December 8 2021

EC, BNP, United United Letter to EC


Prior to issuing the timetable, the National Union Federation and Left Democratic Alliance demanded the publication of the timetable. After announcing the timetable, the BNP, the United Front and the Islamic Movement of Bangladesh are eager to support.

On Sunday, a letter from the Election Commission sent a letter to the Election Commission to postpone eleven parliamentary election timescales for one month on Sunday. Member of Khaleda Zia, Bijan Kanti Sarkar, member of the media section Chairman, Shayrul Kabir Khan, along with others, went to the EC with this letter.

In the letter signed by the National UnityFrench Spokesperson and General Secretary of the BNP, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, said the BNP, a 20 party and national unified frontal league had decided to take part in the elections. The Commission's scheduling announcement is not acceptable by ignoring the views of most political parties. It was stated that nomination papers could not be submitted after completing various activities in such a short period. Therefore, BNP asked that the delay be deferred one month.

United and Chairman Chairman of Bangladesh AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury sent a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner asking for changes on the date the candidature was abolished, the validation, and the date of candidature was withdrawn with the polling date.
Today at 3:30 pm EC Chowdhury's letter was sent by Alternative Organizational Secretary Omar Faruq, Alternate Presidium Member Abdur Rouf Mannan, among others.

B Chowdhury also stated in his letter, according to the published timetable, that it will be difficult to receive nomination papers, check, interview etc. in the short term. He has submitted a nomination date for a week, rather than November 19, on November 26, rather than 22 November, rather than 22 November, the nomination papers will be announced on December 5th instead of November 29 instead of November 29. Similarly, the date of voting was proposed instead of December 23 rather than 30 December.

The Islamic Movement demanded to suspend Bangladesh's election for a week. In a press release sent by the party, Amir Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim said different political parties agreed to postpone the election. For at least a week, all political parties will have the opportunity to participate in the elections by creating a polling environment behind the elections. He gave a letter to the Election Commission to meet the Electoral Commission on Monday.

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