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Directorate of the First Minister DSC ignored … – 739984 | Kaler Kantho


Dhaka City City Corporation (DSCC) can not take any effective steps to eliminate the old warehouses of Dhaka, even after nine years of the rule after the Prime Minister's instructions. The company renews the terms of trade license terms that have closed in the face of the other business. Last February, DSCC renewed the commercial license of five chemical traders in Old Dhaka. Recently, the company has renewed 520 licenses.

According to local sources, local businesses that are not ready to move from Old Dhaka to fear losing the opportunity to rent a warehouse in the wholesale trade and trade at a high price. Although there are 1,896 licenses for chemical business in Bangshal, Chawkbazar and Lalbagh, the actual number is far more than local people. They demanded the removal of chemical warehouses from old Dhaka before any further injuries occurred.

Meanwhile, DCS Mayor Mohammad Said Khokon said all houses would be searched soon to remove the chemical warehouse from Old Dhaka.

Sheikh Hasina's First Minister has directed the removal of chemical warehouses from Old Dhaka to Chemical Palli at Keraniganj. After the Prime Minister directives, since the year 2013, commercial licenses of trade warehouses were issued and renewed licenses. Trade and renewal license issuance was closed but illegal trade occurred. But businesses emphasize the City Corporation to renew a commercial license for banking convenience. On February 12, under pressure, the DSCC Mayor Mohammad Said Khokon interacted with the Fire Department, Department of Environment and business leaders. In order to renew a commercial license provided it was decided at the meeting that chemicals that did not include benzene, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, thanner, glycerine, sodium sulphate were not at the meeting. However, the DSCC, the Fire Service, the Directorate of Explosives and the Environment Directorate could not report on any information on how to ensure that non-chemicals were not detained.

According to the meeting's decision, on February 19, after inspecting the five-company chemical licenses trade in the Mitford area, the DCCC has been renewed immediately. The establishments are Ripon Perfumery and Chemical, Modern Perfumeric and Chemical, Umme Hani Perfumery and Chemical, Amin Perfumery and Chemical and Sajib Perfumery and Chemical.

The DSCC claims that business consent had to be shown only provided the chemical warehouse had transferred from old Dhaka and was not overweight in 29 chemical warehouses. The company will also visit regular chemical companies in conjunction with all the organizations involved.

DSCC mayor, Mohammad Said Khokan at Kaler Kantho said there is no license for the chemical warehouse in Old Dhaka. It was resolved to renew a commercial license on the condition of the supply of warehouses built in a safe place by exhibiting goods in old Dhaka. Apart from this, the conditions for non-sale of 29 extreme combustion chemicals were imposed.

Local residents informed that most of the villagers in Ulyssia were in Chawkbazar, Lalbagh and Bangshal Police Stations illegal warehousing of chemicals. All these installations are made by selling all kinds of chemicals and making different products with chemicals. As there is no signpost, it is not possible to see from the outside that there are too many chemicals in combustible chemicals. Local business workers do not show interest in bending large quantities of securities from the tenants and for removing the warehouse in the chemical business.

An advisor to the Chemicals Association of Chemical Importers and Traders and former president Mizanur Rahman Mejbah told Kaler Kantho, "Old Dhaka traders do not eliminate warehouses for their own interests But the City Corporation, including the City Corporation, forced them to move. The initiative was taken several times, but nothing has been done.

Joynal Abedin, a resident of Aggar Lane from Chawkbazar, said: "There is a chemical shop in the Mitford area, but in almost every home from Chokbazar and Bangshal areas, there is a godown chemical. There is no board board attached to the warehouse for business hide names.

When asked to take effective steps to dispose of the chemical warehouse, Mayor Said Khokan said, "The mobile court will be run in all Chawkbazar, Bangshal and Lalbagh houses. The presence of any type of chemical will be seriously punished, according to traders and homeowners. Any way the chemical warehouse will be taken out of old Dhaka.

Co-secretary of the Association of Chemical and Perfumeral Traders Bangladesh Bangladesh remarked Islam at Kaler Kantho, "There's no warehouse in Mitford, Armanitola and Babubazar, all the showrooms. Many businesses from this area have moved to & # 39 The Keraniganj Warren, but there are warehouses in Chawkbazar. In this regard, I will be acting with all members of society.

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