Saturday , January 23 2021

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Shakib Khan and Monwar Hossain once presented Dipjal with lots of pictures together. These films, which have acted like 'Turbaned Kabin', 'Chachchu', 'Dadima', Shakib and Dipjal, are great. But they have not been seen together for a long time. The new news is that they are facing the upcoming Eid. No, not in one picture; Two of the two pictures will compete with each other.

She produced the passwords; produced by Shakib Khan and produced 'Passwords'; for the upcoming Eid In the meantime, booking has begun for the film. On the other hand, Monowar Hossain Dipzal comes to the film 'Fortunately.' Monwar Hossain Dipzal and the heroine of Moushumi worked together in this film.

Five years after finishing the picture 'luck'. Dipjal said the film will be released next Eidi. He told NTV online, "The shooting has been completed since a while. There was something left in the editing, which starts from today, I would introduce it to the sensor on t After completing all the work this month, I'm preparing for the next Eid release.

Dipjal also said, "Eid-ul-Fitr wants to see pictures of big budgets based on storytelling. This picture was handled by creator MY Manik. Mousumi has played with me. make a picture that is based on a story.People will find a beautiful story in this movie too.Together, I think the viewer will like the image. # 39;

Last year, he acted and directed Dipajal by Monatzur Rahman Akbar, 'Dulabai Zindabad'. He also acted seasonally in the film.

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