Tuesday , August 9 2022

Dark World & # 39; Mahi-Taiba is released today


Dark World & # 39; Mahi-Taib is released today in theaters & country, including Dhaka. The film will be released in 60 theaters & country. The story of a world's story of terror There is also a humanity story. Having loved love
Action in the film – D Tayab, Mahia Mahi, Misa Saudagar, Anwara, Alexander Bole, and Moumita Mou.

In terms of the movie, Badiul Alam Khokan said, "The kind of movie the audience likes to watch, all in the dark world movie. I hope this visitor is very welcome okay.

DA Taib said, "The complete modern story and construction film; dark world Terrorism story story There is also a humanity story. & # 39;

DA Taib said, Love, sadness, family tension, actions have been expressed in the dark world, in the dark world. The movie owners are interested in it. If you want to release the movie then 80 movies. Let's give it to 60 now. If the country is not on the other side of the country, then the number of films to be damaged will not be the number, the number has not been more than 60.

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