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Dance and music are also needed in life: Rubana Haque


Teledu Citizen has organized 7 day special programs for the Eid festival. This includes 15 Bengali films, 14 single plays, 4 series and 7 live concerts.
This information was given at a press conference on May 20 at the Dhaka Club. Attended the conference for the press, the director of TV TV and BJMEA President President. Rubana Haque. He said that the mayor, Anisul Huq, who was involved in television, or was there, greeted them.
The businessman himself also spoke about that aspect, Rubana Haque. I'm a businessman. So, when I got to know about the Eid timetable, I thought in my mind – why all these dance songs were saved! Then I thought, it's fine. If we have to find some entertainment in our busy life, singing and playing are one of our main resources. Dance and music are also needed in life. One thing, TV is going through a transition period now. And yet we try to give good gifts. With everyone's efforts, the television industry will move forward well.
During this speech, actor Zahid Hasan and musician Imran were also present.
I will say in the house houseKamruzzaman Babu, head of Citizen's television program, said Shakib Khan had nine images in 15 films. Manna 4 And Salman Shah starred two. The pictures are 'one shakib khan', 'war with mind', 'dream address', ballo talking basar house, & 'S two husband' s husband, 'some man' s, one woman 's wife,' love than Big money, '; Pañjas, and; You 're dreaming, You' re following, '; My mother's heaven,; Father's Mother, &; Where are you in love; You are the person of my mind and; in your heart;
DalchhutMeanwhile, the live live concert will start from Eid Day at 11pm every day. On the first day, singing Water song, Asif Akbar on the second day, 'Dalchut & # 39; on the third day, Monir Khan-Rizia Parvin on the fourth day, Mahatim Shakib and Imran on the fifth day, Shahnaz Belly on the sixth day and Liza on the seventh day.
Eid series include 'Skyman', 'Diabetes & Fakeious Fake'; and 'OverSmart'.
The singles include 'Good Boy, Good Boy', 'Love Box', 'Belly Flower Wedding', 'Time Pass & # 39'. '' Woman Expert Najibullah ',' Garden of Happiness', 'Kabul', 'This Story Don Not End'; 'Slomo Solaiman', 'Ghrenos', 'Long &', 'Fifty Fifty'; and so forthVery clever

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