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He said, "Anything
As the government comes into force, the government can not hold the liability. Here's the truth.
But people who are involved in this business need to be aware of them. Because they are here
Life's risk is more than living. There was also a problem of awareness, there was a warning
Yes. "

Gas as well as gas transportation
What would be the other option of cylinder extinguishers in recent years, what is the alternative?
The general secretary of the Awami League said the general secretary of the Awami League ruling says.

The injured in Chawkbazar fire
On Friday, see who went to a Burn Medical Hospital Hospital unit. He later told journalists
Talk about the event with.

Check on us on Wednesday
After the cylinder syringe, five buildings of Chuakhatta gap from Chawkbazar were set to fire. Those things
The fire and warehouse of chemicals and plastic herbs in the building and nearby shops are terrible
Fire Service employees who give a dimension give the idea of ​​fire service workers.

37 units of fire service
The 14 hour long-term effort came to the fire under control. At least five people are burned live on the spot and place
67 people

Of the injured, nine of them were from Dhaka Medical College
Doctors take treatment in the burning unit, their condition is also critical, doctors say.

Do not delay the time
Wonderful was ordered to stop all factories and chemical warehouses in Dhaka
Kader said, "Whatever happened and those who have gone, only the repayment of the damage has happened
It can not be given. Now you have to learn from the mistakes. "

It should have done earlier
He acknowledged, "The effort was. But there is a very intense area,
Then, the area of ​​the area was chemically locked in this area. It monitors a bit
Perhaps you could have saved. "

The minister said inaccurate sentences
There are no alternatives to new ways. The First Minister is chemical warehouses as soon as possible;
After I ordered to move. The Mayor of Dhaka City Corporation will also take action to take action on this issue

"Hopefully it's true
Take action without delay Many of those killed here are their families
Capable person Money can not be recovered due to loss of money. Still this
What the government will do about humanitarian aid, financial support, rehabilitation, the First Minister's system
Taken. "

When the chemical warehouse is relaxing
Obaidul Quader asked who could stop and some chemical warehouses were closed
He said, "Here are the remains of the chemicals, they must be removed immediately. It can be stored here
No Any negligence in this regard will result in more harm. These days can be said like this
No When the First Minister gave the order, there's no day! "

The government should avoid liability for this event
The minister said, "The government can not take the nose oil
Do not sleep, the government has abolished some holiday in the initial period. Many people became secretly afterwards
Waking up It may not have been possible to monitor its closure, it's OK. "

About Chawkbazar fire
BNP General Secretary, Mirza Fakhrul, Islam Alamgir against "irresponsible behavior" against the government
Kader's Secretary General of the Awami Alliance has drawn attention to journalists

Peter said, "BNP
I want to say one thing that the General Secretary does not say that that matter has happened to this matter
In terms of the accident, everyone has responsibilities, citizens are positive about everyone
Let's do something.

"As a political party, so much
Pranhani man … no one has money from the damage and the people's crash
Politics should not be made. Do not take part in this issue, do not bring politics. "

Visitors to the hospital
Obaidul Quader said: "I will appeal to those who burn unit
If the visitor is increasing here, it will be bad for the patient. Doctors
It is said repeatedly, if you want to save yourself, then you have to follow the doctor's advice. Visitors
It can not be extended. "

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