Saturday , January 23 2021

Chhatra League student leaders have not been sitting in the HSC audit by the money

<img class = "jwMediaContent image aligncenter" title = "Main gate Magura Adarsha College, Magura. 1 April Photo: Qazi Ashik Rahman" alt = "Main gate of Magura Adarsha College, Magura. 1 April Photo: Qazi Ashik Rahman" itemprop = " image "data-jadewitsmedia =" {status}: 'success',' & '398298' & '39' ; jpg &; 'thumb' & 'palumbages' ',' path, 'media' / '2019/04/01 / 7d5c476b6a8912f6cfe811667da4a546-5ca2206a194d1.jpg' '&' ''; Main gate of Magura College, Magura 1 April Image: 'image', 'width': '644', 'height &' 39 ' '' Aligncen ':' aligncenter ',' contact ',' 'target' & '' ' '' Main gate Magura College, Magura 1 April Photo: Qazi Ashik Rahman, '' Magura Adarsha, main gate College, Mag 1 April Photo: Qazi Ashik Rahman '' width = '644' src = ' / 01 / 7d5c476b6a8912f6cfe811667da4a546-5ca2206a194d1 BCL college students gave me the money to complete the HSC exam form to complete a HSC exam form for the BCL leaders, but college students did not complete the BCL exams because of the college's failure to suffer. This event is known in the janazaan After being declared dissolved the college class BCL unit.

A total of 339 students from the science, humanities and trade departments of Magura Adarsha College took part in the HSC examinations starting on Monday. However, more than 100 regular students could not sit for the test because they did not pass the test. Thousands of failed student students had received claims that BCL leaders had donated money to the form to complete the form.

On Sunday, HSC access testers were given a Model Magura College. Riaz Hossain, a humanitarian department student, came to receive an acceptance form with others. The letters came to other friends but did not. The college authorities said, 'His form was not fulfilled, how will the reception come? However, Riaz gave the college money to the BCL leaders after completing the form. That is why it came to take the access board.

Riaz Hossain complained to Prothom Alo, President Nazmul Huda, Chhatra College League, Tk took 16,600 from our two friends. The conversation was that they will fill the form. But our acceptance cards did not come. The leader doesn't take the phone even after two days. "Riaz complained that he had taken 30 people like him.

A similar complaint from another humanity department student Emon Hossain Shatear. He said, "College League President Chhatra Nazmul Huda and Acting General Secretary Amin Hossain Tk took 8,300 of my two stanzas to complete the exam form."

Responding to questions about why the college's fixed fee was Tk 2,500, and the leader of the Chhatra Alliance – or the money was given to fill in the form – Emon Hossain said, the college authorities did not allow final examinations. the students left in the test examinations fill in the form. The leaders fill in unsuccessful student forms of this kind by paying more money each year. Chhatra League leaders gave assurances, this time they will arrange for their examination. So the general students gave extra money to their fixed fees. Accordingly, the president of Chhatra League and general secretary has taken money from over 50 students, says Emon Hossain.

The Headmaster Suryakanta Biswas said, "The issue came to our attention on Sunday. We are not sure how many students have given BCL leaders money. However, there is a complexity with the passport of five students who have t Later, the board was sent to the board on the basis of an emergency and they are having exams today (Monday). "He also said that the students were repeatedly warned in different classes, except The office, which no one has been traded with anyone. Even if someone gives money to Chhatra League or anyone else, the college authority has nothing to do with it.

Following the news of the incident, the CSE Chhatra League committee was abolished by the university's BCL unit on Monday evening. Magura BCL area unit president Mir Mehedi Hasan and general secretary. The letter signed by Ali Hossain said that the Chhatra Model Model Magura League committee had to be abolished on charges of violation of party discipline.

They were unable to communicate with the two alleged BCL leaders on their mobile phone.

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