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Cancel the signing of an observer agency if it works against policy: EC


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The registration of the observation agency in question will be canceled if the Electoral Commission (EC) is involved in polling and polling out-of-the-policy activities and questioning & # 39 ; the election. Secretary of the European Community Secretariat, Helaluddin Ahmed, gave guidance to representatives of local observer organizations in Agargaon on Tuesday for the forthcoming national election.

Referring to the monitoring agencies to follow the Electoral Commission's monitoring policy (EC), the secretary said, the company's registration will be canceled if it is outside the policy or in any activities that are # 39 ; n polling & election.

He said that those who are at the election will only notice if there is any discrepancy in the polling station, he will submit his written report to the Election Commission through the appropriate authority. No anti-election commentary or talk about any media. Failure to take pictures, can not enter the secret cell and use the mobile phone.

For the representatives of the observer agencies, the secretary said, "Do not make any comments before submitting a written report. When you're ready to submit it, do not comment on it or so on. If you make a report, you can press a conference and submit it to us. Representatives and observer organizations will behave in neutral You will not appoint such a person, a member of any political party. You must take care of them.

He said that only two mobile phones can be used at a polling station, using a police that is responsible for the presiding officer.

This election is very typical, the Secretary said, this election will be competitive in a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. It shows in the history of Bangladesh that the parliament will remain at the election, the government will be there and all political parties take part in the elections.
Noting that members of the army, BGB, Police, RAB, Ansar-VDP and Coast Guard will be appointed at the election, he said, this time for the first time, EVMs will be used in some Centers for the first time in parliament.

Helaluddin Ahmed said that there were people from many organizations in a center. There will be a Voting Officer, Returning Officer, Member of the law and the order and the media. Given these issues, the observers will have to work. The observers should keep the ID card issued by the Election Commission in full swing. So anyone can understand that you are an observer At the outset, the presiding officer will have to submit it to the center.

He said, during the observation, he can not go to the secret room, who can not instruct anyone, presiding, the ballot officer will not be able to give any advice. If there is irregularity at the center, it can notify the commission.

At eleventh parliamentary elections on December 30, representatives of 118 organizations will serve as observers in the electoral centers across the country. Mokhlesur Rahman's Additional Secretary was present at the meeting, joint secretary of Khandaker Mizanur Rahman and ASM Asaduzzaman, senior CE Secretariats also in attendance.

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