Tuesday , August 9 2022

Buttalkarake marks Ashwin!


Kings XI Punjab won the dramatic victory However, the outfit that has been captain of the team, is the IPL conversation on the Subject now. Ravichandran Ashwin, bat man Rajasthan Royals, Jas Butler, runs out of Manakad & # 39; and screaming.

However, Ashwin has no hearing. According to him, he did so out of the rules of the NMW. There was no harm in the spirit of cricket.

Rajasthan, following 185 runs, was pursuing the target well. Bottle scored 69 runs He was standing on the edge without striking the 13th over in the 13th over. The batter left the creature before bowling Ashwin. Go back and see the bowler cut the stamps. But the surprise was somewhat surprising but Batla returned to the uniform after the rule. Rajasthan's batching falls after being made redundant. Ultimately, the losses are counted.

On the replay TV, it was found that Batla was in the shells even before the ball was bowled. Ashwin stayed for a while to leave the crease and went on. Then the ball ball bowled stamp and bowling. The question was raised, did you want Buttler to be caught by 'Mancad'; Ashwin?

Of course, Ashwat refused to accept that, it was done automatically. There was no plan of the front. I haven't done anything outside cricket rules. If it's not out of the law, how does it spoil the spirit of cricket? He threw the question opposite. He stressed that this was out of the rules of the NMW.

The standard deadline was debated. However, after social media outside the box, Ashwin was washed away by the players involved.

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