Tuesday , April 20 2021

Brazil wins over the Neymar plot

Within a few minutes of the game, Neymar was forced to leave the field. As a result, Brazil could win Cameron, but did not rejoice.
But Neymar, Richard, gave a victory to the team. Brazil, leaving for the sixth and sixth consecutive win this is young on. On Tuesday, the Titat team won 1-0 in an internationally friendly game.

In the eighth game of the game, Neymar suffered a great recovery when leaving the field, Brazil In the absence of the greatest star of the team, they dominated the attack while holding the ball . The team could go ahead in the 43 minutes. But the head of the midfielder of Alan put the head of the corner.

After two minutes, the five-time champions scored the goal. Richerlicon, aged 21, sent the ball to the pen with a heading jump in the corner of the Winnian.

This is the third goal of the Midfielders Football in international football. In September, he scored two goals in eleven opening for El Salvador.

In the tenth minute of the second half, when he shot Arthur Melo's distance, crossed Cameron to survive the flight.

At the end of the second half, the difference between two Brazilian scoring opportunities could not be increased. The goalkeeper, after the goalkeeper fought Alan's shot, stopped the Rishalisan shoot.
Brazil, after finishing World Cup quarter rounds, kept their nets in the game as well as six consecutive wins. At the moment, the opponent's net has sent a ball into 12 balls. Neymar had lost the US, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Uruguay in the previous five games.

Italian team beat Italian 1-0 in another friendly game At the time of adding, the only goal was to make the move on to Matteo Pletatana on Inter Milan.

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