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He played a great part before the bats. Mechii Hasan Miraz confirms five wins with the ball, the Bangladesh victory – AFP

The Bangladesh team to Bangladesh returned in the hot tea market after being disappointed with the first Test. The reverse back of Bangladesh from the back of Bangladesh's Bangladesh from Bangladesh has seen a great turn. The 11th test platform was created in a four-day performance performance. Bangladesh did not take much time to complete the final phase of the work. Mehii Hasan Miraj-Taizul Islam turns around one and a half times Zimbabwe's opposition

Bangladesh is hitting Zimbabwe by 218 running in the second Test at Mirpur yesterday. Mahmudullah Riyad team could remove the 1-1 series easily to save the game or save the game. Zimbabwe was all out for 224 in the second installment after Brendon Taylor's score of the 443 running target in Bangladesh.

Zimbabwe won the ODI series without Shakib-Tamim, but the forces were removed in the Tests. The sixth win against Zimbabwe, which was held yesterday, is the second highest win of Bangladesh in Tests. Earlier, Zimbabwe won the maximum of 226 runs, in 2005 in Chittagong.

Mushfiqur Rahim won the best double runner-up for a player in the first game of the game, led by Mahmudullah. Taijul, who scored on the left, took 18 wickets in two games, bagging the series's prize.

On the fifth day of the game, Mirpur's bed did not change much. Like the rest of the four days, there was some uneven bounce, turning in the morning. Then the wiced talk about bats; But in that environment, Zimbabwe could not batter more than half a century and a big contribution to the back of the massive pressure that was bowled by Bangladesh's buzzers and the magic net of the vortists.

Zimbabwe added 148 runs for losing seven squares on the four day of the game at 76 for two on the fourth day. Brendan Taylor, who scored 102 runs, scored the veterans bee bat has done a great deal of fighting for Zimbabwe in the last day. On the other hand, he completed his sixth century career. 106 did not out of 10 hours in 167 minutes. He scored 110 in the first sessions. As a result, Taylor scored a century in the match against Bangladesh as the fifth batter. And here is the seventh time in both sets against Bangladesh. Kumar Sangakkara and Taylor scored twice in their two game matches against Bangladesh.

In the ninth round of the day, Shaun Williams (13) was bowling with a spray cast by Mustafizur Rahman. Before lunch, Sikandar Raja (12) gave the bow and Taejul bowled. Miraj breaks the Taylor-Peter Moore resistance after lunch. Moore, who scored 13 runs, rejected a 66-year-old partnership. Chakwa (2) was removed by Mominul Throw. Mirage before returning the new ball (0) to Mirage.

Taylor, who completed a century in 164 with lower bat comparators. Then, Mavuta (0), Jarvis (1) dropped Zimbabwe batting legs back to the target, Miraz. Bat bats were not bats. Miraj took five squares for the fifth time in his career. Yesterday, 38 wears five Taizul two dresses, Mustafiz takes one wicket each.

Short score

Bangladesh: 522/7 D And second start 224/6 D. Zimbabwe: 304, 224. Outcome: Bangladesh won 218 runs. Best match: Mushfiqur Rahim, best series: Taajul Islam

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