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Bibi Teramon is ill, taken to CMM Mymensingh Across the country


Bibi Teramon is ill, taken to Mymensingh CMH

In the war of relief, Biramatakika of the name Taramon Bibi has become very ill. Breathe and long-term cough increases. Since last few days, you can not walk yourself in hand.

Due to the failure to improve her physical condition, she was taken to MMMensing's CMM Hospital on Thursday for better treatment.

Doctors Rajibpur Upazila Health Complex were used to provide treatment for the Tarman Bibi sick and regular inquiries. Hospital Health Officer Delwar Hossain said, Suddenly, his breathing problem has increased khosita. It breathes several times with the help of oxygen and seizure. Cooperation needs to be moved.

Taranon Bibi lived with Pabber in the village of Kacharipara under Rajibpur upazila from Kurigram. Taraan Bibi's son, Abu Taher, said that the Rajivpur Hospital doctor, Delwar Sir, provided regular treatment in the County house. Mymensingh will look last night after the mother's condition gets worse. He also said that the mother can do nothing without the help of others.

During the liberation war, Tarman Bibi caught the freedom fighters, hiding their arms, collecting Pakbahn news and releasing the country by fighting in front of the Pac army with arms. That's why he got the title Bir Pratik.

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