Wednesday , September 28 2022

Bangladesh is the second stage in the tough group


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Bangladesh A-16 AFC Women's Football Challenge in Dhaka won 2-0 goals in FIFA Group Bangladesh Championships. Red-green representatives get the second straight tickets with Sera Group status that fully matches full 12 points in four games. But in the face of difficult fighting in the second phase, Maria-Shamsunnahar Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and Philippines, in the second round of a group, this episode will be played in Myanmar . Australia, Laos, Vietnam and Iran will play in the second phase of A & # 39; group. The second stage will take place between February 27 and March 3 next year. There are two groups of two groups in the main period in Thailand. North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Thai Thai have already secured their place in the main event. In September next year, the main stage will be in the field. In the AFC Selection Competition, the first group showed F & # 39; 27 goals in four games, while Mariah-Shamsunnahar Golam Rabbani Chhaton coach students started their mission in Dhaka after losing 10 goals in Bahrain. After the forces beat Lebanon 8-0 and the United Arab Emirates 7-0 to win the forces. In the last game, Bangladesh defeated a powerful 2-0 Vietnam, and Bangladesh won the Zero Group status.

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