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Arichul wants to win a Dhaka Test anyway: -701663 | Kaler Kantho


Zimbabwe, the latest team of ICC Probation Sites for the first Sylhet Test, has been shocked by the defeat. As a result, Zimbabwe has taken a 1-0 leader in the two-game series. In the second Test, there is no other way than a victory in the second Test in Dhaka to avoid the series, with 67 degrees Bangladesh was ninth at the site. Therefore, Bangladesh All-rounder Ariful Haque wants to win a Dhaka Test anyway.

Today, Ariful of the journalists at the Sher-E-Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur said, "This is a live game for us. In any case, we must win in the second Test."

Bangladesh has not been able to show any excitement in the first Sylhet Test series. Zimbabwe won 151 running in a game that lasted three and a half days. The third largest victory of Zimbabwe against Bangladesh and their own Test history

Ariful feels that the team is positive, even if they lose the test. He said, there's no pressure on us. Our Mustafizur real boxer did not play in the first Test. We can win if it's back. We are positive. & # 39;

Ariful wants to think more about the memories of the Sylhet Dhaka test or the game. Arif said: "If we're thinking about the last game, we'll be mentally weak. We will not think about that game. I will focus on games, balls and balls. play in line with the team's plan and play positively against Zimbabwe, then winning the game will not be difficult.

Ariful has made a First Competition with the Sylhet game In the bat's failure, Bangladesh must lose the Test. But in the middle of this failure Ariful was stupid in the bats. In both sets, he scored 41 and 38 out. Ariful was the top top scorer in the team for the first and highest scores in the next session.

Ariful said, "The first test has been very good, but the team have lost their confidence in the first Test," said Arif. Self confidence increased. Bowling at an international level will not be bullish, you have to wait. I believe that the emerging message is the incoming mind. There was a change in my minds. & # 39;

Ariful has been with the national team for a long time. But he has played only eight international games to date. Including one Test and one day and 6 T20. If you do not play with the team, the experience will increase, says Ariful, "If it's not played, but in the national team, the experience. He has many advantages to play with a large team or share a dressing room with big players. When the older brothers say something they do. What is the international game? "

Prior to having an opportunity in the Test squad, Arfil played two centuries in the national cricket league with an aesthetic series. Ariful feels that the session has worked great in the first phase of his career, and he definitely worked. After two hundred in the NCL, my confidence has increased considerably. Therefore, the batting may be good in the first Test. Now you're good to be confident. & # 39;

The dream was accomplished as a result of Ariful's first test But in the three formats he wants to play in the team, he said, I had a dream test game. The dream has been fulfilled. Test for long days or stay in the national team. There is a desire to play in every format. I was asked to play in the format as needed.

The second and final Zimbabwe test will start in Dhaka from November 11th.

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