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Announcement: BNP Office, in front of slogan, and traffic congestion


Published: 14 November 018, 12:54

Picture: Eastwest

In the Nayapaltan area, there is an atmosphere of holiday in the area of ​​collecting eleven nomination forms for nominating candidates for the Eleventh Jatiya Sangsad. On the other hand, stimulating workers of the ground and enemy accidents have risen in Nayapaltan and surrounding areas. In Malibagh, Shantinagar, Kakrail and Segunbagichas, due to car overloading and human pressures in each area, people's interference and barriers are broken.

BNP nomination forms are sold for the third day on Wednesday (14 November). On this occasion, the party's central office has been present in the presence of leaders and employees over the last two days. From the morning, the nominee for the parade came to the party's central office. The BNP's leaders and operators motivated the central office of the party and neighboring streets, playing the colorful banner, a festive, and playing the band.

They call on Khaleda Zia slogan, release Tareq Rahman, do not leave the road, and ask for a seven-point call for Khaleda Zia, coupons with the pictures of Begum Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman. Many people present a huge flute to prove public support in Nayapaltan

The leaders and operators say they did not remember the last time they collected such a kind of life!

Picture of yesterday

There was such an unbearable environment in the last party council that was about two and a half years ago (March 19, 2016). After a number of meetings and conclusions, the campaigners were always police panic.

The sales forms started by purchasing nomination forms for the Chairman of BNP Khaleda Zia on Monday. On Monday, the group sold 1,326 nomination forms on Monday.

On Tuesday, on the second day, there were total nomination forms in the eight regions in 1996. The total nomination form was sold in two days.

The BNP has announced the sale of nomination forms between 12 and 14 November. After the re-election, the nomination form of the party was bought and submitted on 16 November after two days.


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