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And Japan will want 100 seats to Japan


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Business Hour Reporter: Business Hour Reporter: Jatiya Party (JP) will try 100 seats at the Awami Eleventh Jatiya Sangsad Premier League. In the first instance, the group will start bargaining with the award by a list of 100 seats. The party's responsible leaders are hoping that the Awami Honorary Alliance will have a " constitution.

GM Quader, a member of the Presidium party and co-chair of the Jatiya Party, said that the Jatiya Party would be over 100 seats at Awami League. But if they get a great seat, they will go to the votes by joining the Awami League. At this election, the Jatiya Party will choose the Tillal symbol.

GM Quader said, we asked 100 seats for the Awami League. We want the Awami League to allocate our honorary seats. Our chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad has heard that all the allies of the alliance want the Awami League to put 70 seats.

He has not yet finished with the Awami League decision makers to give us a seat to our party. But we are looking for reputable seating. If this goes to the elections with the Awami League.

It was asked whether a symbol should be chosen, says GM Quader, "our party's Tangled Tiller." At this election, the Jatiya Party will choose the Tillal symbol.

In response to a question on the matter, GM Kader told reporters that the Jatiya Party will take part in the Eleventh Jatiya Sangsad elections with a 14 party league.

Business Hour / November 12, 018 / MAS

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