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Amritara's love has gone! Appreciate! – News18 Bengali

Amritara's love has gone! Appreciate Cheff!

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Updated:February 24, 2019 08:06 PM IST

#Mumbai: 004 – Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan have separated from this. After 13 years of married life, they got a divorce. Marriage Saif-Kareer, was born Taimur. Work in Sarah's picture. How many things happen in their lives? But never after Sepa, he did not open his mouth! But there is still respect for former wife Saif. He praised amrita in public.

In the year 2015, Abhishek Kapoor's picture & Kedarnath & # 39; has been discussed by Sarah Saif-Amrita, Sarah. In the second picture, Simba, also received the praise of the audience. Said Amrita's credit in the girl's success.

Saif said recently, "The success he has achieved in each of his films has been achieved. When I received a degree from the University of Columbia, I was still proud of dad. Its use, wet nature, and what it does through the day for its own mother. I have not done anything about Sarara! Every virtue of Amrit. "

He completed 26 years in Bollywood. He is happy that the girl has learned to act. But no matter how much she was with Karina, she could not forget Amrita. Love is anywhere. So even after so many years he gave all the credit to Amrita!

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