Saturday , November 28 2020

Air strikes kills Across the country

The Army in the plane Photo: Ittefaq

Suspected suspected was killed in the attempt to kidnap the new Bangladesh Biman Bangladesh Biman aircraft. It is said that he had been arrested on Sunday night was shot. The Inter-Public Relations Department (ISPR) then said that the person died.

After the event, at a press briefing session at 9pm, the army said the deceased had named Mahdi. His final statement was that he wanted to speak to First Minister Sheikh Hasina. And he had a pistol in his hand.

Earlier, BG-147 flying the Biman trip from Dhaka to Chittagong in the afternoon. From there, he was supposed to go to Dubai. After arriving at the airport at Shah Amanat Chittagong Airport, all passengers were discharged safely from the plane. Then the army, RAB and police surrounded the plane at the runway.

Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority (Employees) M Naim Hassan, after the incident, stopped flying at Shah Amanat International Airport. At the end of the operation, the trip was reduced to normal.

Members of the army at Shah Amanat Chittagong Airport. Photo: Ittefaq

A crew on the plane said the plane was flying from Dhaka in the afternoon. After about 15,000 feet above the air, someone came into the passenger seat up to the horse. At that time, the man went to a crew and said, I'll be transporting the plane. I have a pistol and a bomb. If I do not open the cock, I'll blow the plane. He immediately tells the person that a pistol and a bomber come to an object to an object.

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The crew also said that the other cabin crew fits the horse pilot in the meantime and the assistant pilot trying to kidnap the aircraft was tried. At that time, the plane landed at Shah Amanat Airport in Chittagong and the plane was landing. Then the army, RAB and police surrounded the plane at the runway.

Home Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said at this event All 134 passengers are safe.

Ittefaq / Z.H.

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