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Ahmed Akbar Sobhan received the tenth best Bengali prize in Calcutta


Calcutta: Bashundhara Group chairman Ahmad Akbar Sobhan, the leading industrial group of Bangladesh, received the prize of Daswojja Bangali & # 39; o St. Xavier, Kolkata, for his outstanding contributions to business.

On February 21, on the occasion of International Mothers Day, on Friday (22 February), the final day of the ceremony was organized two days, Ahmed Akbar Sobhan was honored with the college award. The son and Vice Chairman of the Bashundhara Safwan Sobhan Group received him the award.

On February 21, the first day of the ceremony was a cultural program such as dance, song, author of the poetry of Bangla. The second day was organized on February 22, in the Dasuhuja Bangali 2019 &

As well as Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, renowned actor Bengali Soumitra Chattopadhyay, musician Emon Chakraborty, poet Joy Goswami, playwright Bratya Basu, film director Sujit Sarkar, actor Jaya Ahsan, footballer Surjit Sengupta, Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee and film critic Sawabal Chatterjee.Ahmed Akbar gave Sobhan's honor to Safwan Sobhan to transfer to the Rev. Dominique SavioAhmed Akbar Sobhan's honor was given to Safwan Sobhan, Head of St. Xavier, and Reverend Dr. Dominique Savio. Prizes are given as prizes, wreaths, testimonials and reminiscences.

Sawhwan Sobhan said: "I see my dad as a role model. I am honored with such an honor and I'm proud of it. This award inspires our second and next generation to make better work.

As well as Bangladesh, Bashundhara Group also has an interest in expanding business in Kolkata, said Vice Chairman of Safwan Sobhan.

When receiving the award, actress Bangladesha Jaya Ahsan said, I am proud of being honored during my language. I do not know if I'm worthy of honor. However, I am grateful to the way that Bangla is called me.

As a recognition of contribution to different areas of society, the Xavier College entrepreneur committee has won the Daswuja Bangali & # 39; For 10 best personalities every year since 2011.

Bangladesh Time: 2203 Hours, February 22, 2015
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