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A new leadership comes to the public forum!


A new leadership comes to the public forum!

Speaking at the conference to the press. Kamal Hossain. Picture: To be collected

One of the leaders of the National Unity Front, Gonoforam, has found a change in leadership. Chairman of the top chairman and the current president. Kamal Hossain will be there again, I'm sure. But the general secretary's posting is listened to. The important job is the son of the former finance minister Shah AMS Kibria. The name Reza Kibria is discussed strongly.

Ganaforam's special advice was held on 26 April after eight long years. The committee was not published on that day. Following the advice, the President called the President of Canapuream at 3pm yesterday. Kamal Hossain. This conference gave an insight into the new publication of the Gano Forum.

Political discussions have been taking place for a few days about changing leadership in GonoFor. Apart from this, disagreements between the party's top leaders about different political decisions have been taking place in recent months. Party founder The distance between senior leaders and Kamal Hossain was also made. It will be a lot of pride. For these reasons, the high order of the party is going to determine the change of leadership.

It is heard that many leaders, who join GonoForm in front of eleven parliamentary elections, are going to have important jobs. In the list, Dr. Reza Kibria, Professor Abu Sayed and others. Recently, the expulsion leader, Sultan Mohammad Mansur, has been recruited and has had important positions.

The new committee will once again be the president of Kamal Hossain, it is quite certain. There is a strong possibility that a general secretary will post. There have been rumors that Mostafa Mohsin Montu, who has been in post for the past 9 years, is not in the position. Former Finance Minister Kibria for Dr. Reza Kibria could be brought.

Sunday. Reza Kibria is called. At 1am, he told the reporter that many things can happen in politics. Wait a little and wait. Conference for press at 3 pm Kamal Hossain. Then you know the answer to this question.

Without changing the possibility of change in General Secretary of the Canoforma, Dr. Kamal Hossain closes Dr. Reza Kibria said the committee will be announced today.
In the context of the eleven parliamentary elections, Reza Kibria joined the Canoforma. A young Reza joined the Canvas on 18 November, 2018. He chose from the Habiganj-1 constituency with a rice symbol.

Reza Kibria will be disgusted if the general secretary of the Canoforma, Mustafa Mohsin Montu, who has kept the organization long organized for a long time, has come. While a large part of GanaForama leaders wanted to Mustafa Mohsin Montu, again, the general secretary.

Mostafa Mohsin Montu was called on several occasions but did not respond. However, media in Dhaka said that Mostafa Mohsin Montu, who was reluctant to hold a General Forum Ganoforam also said at the high order of the party.

Learn that Dr. Mokbir Khan, a member of presidium Ganoforom, was the MP on swearing. The distance between Mustafa Mohsin Montu and Kamal Hossain was created. On the same issue, some senior Canapuream leaders are angry with the party's main party. Many expressed public dissatisfaction with the presence of Mokbahir Khan at the People's Forum's special advice session. One of them is Rafiqul Islam Pathik. It has made it clear that it's not going to be with the People's Forum.

However, another source said Mustafa Mohsin Montu could be made executive president of the party. Subrata Chowdhury, Advocate of Subhash Chowdhury, is in this position.

In the context of the 11th parliamentary election, the former Awami Alliance leader, Professor Abu Sayeed, joined Amasa Amin with the Canoforma. Both of them were made members of the party braidium. Professor Abu said of the Pabna-1 constituency and Amasa Amin of the Kurigram-3 constituency were elected from GanaForam in the eleventh parliamentary elections.

It is noted that, since the formation of the Cantorium in 1992, different people have been the party's general secretary. These are – Abul Maal Abdul Muhith, Engineer Abul Kashem, Saifuddin Ahmed Manik, Advocate Subrata Chowdhury (Acting); Mustafa Mohsin Montu has been general secretary since 2011.

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