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60 Dark world of cinema, the rainbow of the hearts


Two new films are released today on Friday across the country. Both films, Dark World & # 39; to Hadie Rangdhanu & # 39; are being enjoyed today by the film makers. DA Taib and Mahia Mahi play a movie Dark World: The Dark & ​​# 39; releases 60 films. On the other hand, released Hadai Rangdhanu & # 39; only at Star CinePlace.

Dark Dark: The Dark & ​​# 39; led by Badiul Alam Khokan. At the beginning of construction, his name was Kangal & # 39 ;. After the name has been changed. Mahi acts as the role of detective police. The story has turned around his hero and the DJ Taib producer.

On the other hand, the biggest movie in the muffler. The film was released on October 23, after being attacked by the Board of Bangladesh Film Census for two years. In this film, local and overseas artists were acting. Among them are Minya Petkovich (Serbia), Shams Kadir, Muhtasim Saajan, Khing Sai Mung Marma and others.

Director, Rajibul Hossain, said, "Our country hall's ticket system is very bad. Producers are seriously damaged, so we will show the image in the alternative system second week. But the first week was released at Star CinePlace.

He started shooting the movie in 2014 and ended in February 2016. He was shown in 54 areas of the country.

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