Wednesday , May 25 2022

& # 39; I will return to work & # 39;


I'm far from a lot of thoughts. If you do not have to worry about a job or driver here. It's been raining since the morning. Now last night, brother-sister, Masah, with each other I became a broth. We all chat with each other. Very similar It is possible to say that there is a lot of formats on Saturday afternoons, talking to Manabzamin on a mobile phone, the popular artist Shabnur, who has put a number of hits and superhit images in the Dhaka movie, Shabnur. Currently Australia has been there ten days ago. She also has her only son, Aizan. Shabnur also said that if there is a lot of food and work in people in Bangladesh, then we need to think about it. Even when I came abroad, I can remember the words of the country, I can remember the supporters. So, you do not want to stay in Australia for a long time. Yesterday my Shimu consort came from Melbourne in Australia. He talked about many issues in the country. I'm in Sydney. This weather is quite good now. It looks good after a long time. Many people say that Shabnur has left the country when he started heating in Dhaka. What is the reason for this? In response, the actress laughed and said, "I'm a few people who comfort you. You can say that. I do not tolerate hot but at one time in the evening and I'm sorry. The day of heat shooting I remember those days, but the movie does not look good anymore, it's very bad. Talk about those who are in a good way. I'm currently working in the movie. Shabnur said, "I've seen movies when I came home. I've seen such films such as Jaya Ahsan, Siam, Puja, Love him Good work. Now Bangladeshi films are being released abroad. Visitors increased. Now the time has come to give the best Bangla movies. He has heard for a long time that Shabnu will return to work. When asked, he said, I can start working suddenly if I want it. But I want to go back to the audience with a lot of fit. And it will take time to fit. If you want to lose weight or dry, it may not be sudden. Need more time to fit. But I want to work. I will return to work in time. Two months after returning to the country. Then there is a desire to do some work. Shabnur wants to control beyond action. But he will announce on that matter about that. Shabnur said there was a desire to work as a director. But that does not ask for time. Shabnur, one of the two Sydney International School officers located in the Baridhara area of ​​the capital outside of the act. Another of Jhumur's younger sister. Shabnur also said that Aizon's son is now with me in Australia. Although there are many incredible people, Jhumur is very good with children. Watch watching TV, play. In one place I heard bringing Aijan to school in Australia. No, that's not the case. Due to that, Aijanato is accepted to Dhaka school. And in the future, maybe studying outside the country. Let's see Do not think about it. Still small Having asked for the age of the age, Shabnur said, 5 years have passed. The time is still watching. It seems strange to think. Shabnur comes to the conclusion that I have received the love and respect of all the small and large industries. I will try to stay in front of the people of the film. And if we return home, we'll start the new job again.

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