Friday , May 27 2022

31 lakh students in a primary closing session –


In the first closure, 27 lakh 77,000 270 people and 3 lakh 17,000 of 853 candidates will be inspected.

Mustafizur Rahman Fizar, the Minister for Primary Education and Agriculture presented a series of data related to information on the closure of the fifth at a press conference on Thursday.

Fizar said that 7,410 centers will be started on Sunday at the same time. There will be students of 3,294 special students in the exam, they will have an extra 30 minutes.

From the 12 overseas centers, primary examinations will be made.

The minister said, "Questions have been sent to special centers in 204 remote districts … … has been adopted a No-Victim policy in terms of negligence or minimum irregularities in carrying out duties."

Last year, 28 lakh sat four thousand 509 students of small stanzas and two lakh 91,000 566 people in the exam.

The public education minister said, now, more than 2 lakh 19,000 more 786 students will be taking part in the closing ceremony.

The tests take place from 10am to 1pm every morning. The test will continue until November 26.

Primary closing exams have started for Fifth grade students since 2009. And this test is in Ibetadayee since 2010.

Although the results of the regional results for the first two years have been awarded, the results of the closure of graduate students are graded in 2011.

Earlier, there were two hours for this examination, but for the past three and a half hours, the test was increased by 013 days.

Last year, the government has been trying to get primary education and ebayadayi ending after eight sets of shared and 64 shared share shares region.

Element of elemental closure

November 18 English, November 19 Bangla, November 20 Bangladesh and world identity, November 22 Primary science, Mathematics on November 25th and 26th November, religion and moral education.

Ibtadayya Timetable

November 18, English, November 19, Bangla and World of Identity and Science, November 22 Arabic, November 25th Mathematics and 26th Quran and Tajin and Akid and Fiqh.

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