Sunday , August 7 2022

20 goals scored: -739857 | Kaler Kantho


Killian Mbabpe means Goal! The French rhythm holds the new season as new French French youth. PSG does not understand the absence of two stars like Neymar-Edison Cavani PSG has lost 5-1 in the France League on the same day. Mballap has scored one goal again at the goal event. In this season, he scored 20 goals in 19 games in the France league game. Here is the highest score in this tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo, behind Europe's Gold Shoes, is now fun for two years. Lionel Messi is at the top with 22 goals in La Liga.

PSG, in front of Monpelier in the 13 minutes. Growing up from the right hand side, the large cross of Alves crossing the D-bach box and dropping at Conakuni's head, head of Levin Kurzawa. Tourists return to the summit in the 31 minutes Red Shape Free Florent Mole Goner Gianluigi Bufon; But before that the ball was crossing the ball. The guests could not hold long enough. Anheel y Maria, before the break, in front of PSG. They got a 30 yard free kick away from the goal. Marias bullet shot goes to the net in the net.

The post-break story is just PSG. 73 to 79 – In the 6th minute, three goals of the Thomas Tossel team left the field with great benefit. The French midfielder Christopher Enkunku started In the 73 minutes he got his third goal of PSG. In the 78 minute minute, the Hilton suicide shot went on to 4-1. Emabaproo could also be round. But to stop his stick, he pushed his ball into the ball and hit the Hilton. In the 79 minutes, the fifth goal of the ambaappe team. Leviin Kurzawar raised the goal in the low shot.

In the 2018-19 season, the maximum 20 goals in 19 games has now been incorporated. This is the first time in its France league one story that the 20-mile milestone. Last season, 13 goals in the league. In 2016-17, the goal was 15 times in Monaco. In all competitions, including 20 in the French league, rounds 25 in the Mbabp season. A PSG, on his shoulders, has gone one step further to win the league title. They are 15 points before 2 lil numbers. BBC

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