Thursday , January 20 2022

16 HC rule against housing flooding


HRPB Staff Reporter on behalf of HRPB on October 21, on behalf of the New Town Purbachal area, under the Rupganj Police Station of the Narayanganj area and the 16 housing companies under the Kaliganj police station of the Gazipur area, to prevent water, pool, water supply, landfill, occupation and signature of different companies. A cast petition was filed in 2018. The Moinul Justice of Islam Chowdhury and Justice Md. Ashraful Kamal is present at the Monday hearing, where the defendants are illegal in the Rupganj areas of Narayanganj and the Kaliganj areas of Gazipur, illegal water bodies, water bodies, low areas, filling pools and establishing different company records illegally. Publish it and why the directions for the protection of water bodies, water bodies, lowland, pool It has announced a 4-week award.

Advocate Manjil Murshid, the prosecutor's counsel, said at the hearing that restrictions on flood control in the area under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1995 and the Protection of Natural Reservoirs Act 2000 were wholly excluded, but Different areas of the Kaliganj area of ​​Gazipur and in different areas of the Narayanganj area, water bodies, water bodies, Filling in a pool and signing of different company signs in progress. Platinum City, City of Wales, City of Canada, City of Zamindar, Dreamland, City of State Purbachal, City Purbachal Homestown, Real Preeti Estate, Mascot City Green, Puspita MPaar Housing, Nandan City, Bestway City, Malum City, Marine City and The City Filling the soil has blocked normal water flow, resulting in environmental damage.

At the end of the hearing, Justice Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Justice Mohammad Ashraful Kamal's Court, the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Water Resources, Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works and Secretary of the Ministry of Supply Supply, Map Ariel (map through Google or Satellite) in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Around the town area, Rupganj police station from the Narayanganj area and different areas of Kaliganj thana from the Gazipur area Identify water bodies, water bodies, low water, pool etc. in the area and submit the report within six months of the High Court. Plain City Plaintiffs Platinum, City Cloud, Canada City, Zamindar City, Dreamland, Homeland Purbachal City, Homestown Purbachal City, Preeti Real Estate, Mascot Green Green, MPAire Housing Floristry, Nandan City, Bestway City, Malum City, Marine City and Terrace ordered the City to ensure the status of any type of water / water supply / landfill / low pool. Police Supervisor Bong Gazipur, Rupganj Upazila Officer Nirbahi, Kalirij Upazila Officer Nirbahi, Rupganj Police Station Officer and Kaliganj Thana Officer, ordered to submit the compliance report within two months.

The creator is a criminologist, Ripon Baraohi Advocate The defendants are: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Supply, Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works; Secretary of the Ministry of Water, Chairman of RAJUK, General Manager of the Department of Environment, Deputy Director of the Environment Department, Deputy Commissioner, Narayanganj, Gazipur District Commissioner, Narayanganj Super Police Force, Gazipur Police Superintendent, Rupganj Upazila Officer Nirbahi, Kaliganj Upazila Officer Nirbahi, Rupganj Police Station and chief police officer responsible for Kaliganj. Advocate Manzill Murshid argued for the petitioner. On behalf of the government, AAG Purabi Saha and Purabi Rani Das were present.

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