Sunday , June 26 2022

Zuckerberg ordered orders to use Android phones


It is said that Mark Zuckerberg has instructed his managers to use smart phones only with Android. The reason.

Mark Zuckerberg had instructed managers to use smart Android phones only. y

US IT site The Verge. The event was an interview of Apple CEO Tim Cook in March 2018 shortly after a Cambridge data scandal became known, where he had criticized Facebook saying that the social network interferes with its users' privacy.

At the same interview, Cook also said that his company would never be in a position like Facebook. Zuckerberg refused at another time interview and Apple company called "hard working" to "bill customers" for more money. From this it should not bring the conclusion, so Zuckerberg then, that this initiative also cares for its customers.


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It was not clear if Zuckerberg was really distressed with an Apple Cheat interview, or that he wanted his managers to use the smartphone operating system that most users use most of the world. Many other large companies that offer apps or services also recommend the use of smart Android phones so that employees experience the product the same way as the majority of their users.

According to The Verge, the Facebook managers should not follow the Zuckerberg system anyway. An investigation into several leaflets from these individuals showed that they were published on iPhones. But of course it could be private devices.

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