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Zero Mutant Year – Trailer presents Farrow

Funcom and the Bearded Women's Developer have today revealed a new anthropomorphic heroine, the Dux, Bormin and Co from December 4 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with each other. In a new trailer, Farrow is properly published with new game skills and play.

Farrow is one of the characters that the player has on their trip through the domain. After the first connection, it becomes clear quickly: it's not the area. His real origin is secret – even himself. All she knows is that she is her name Farrow and comes from the Domain. His expertise is curious, with skills and equipment that she can do quickly and quietly to get rid of opponents. His special ability, Silent Assassin, makes her a valuable member of the team, especially when she can get rid of neighboring enemies at the beginning of fighting.

Zero Mutant Year: Road to Eden combines a XCOM-fighting system with stringent elements and real-time exploration as players explore after-world world. The studio includes former leading developers of games such as HITMAN and PAYDAY. Mutant Year Zero has based on the Mutant RPG Paper and Swedish Paper. The main roles that are taken by Bormin the Boar, Dux the Duck and Post-apocalyptic Earth.

Zero Mutant Year: Road to Eden is being developed by The Bearded Ladies and released by Funcom. Further information is available at

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