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Why can this type of blood protect you against the coronavirus?


Why can this type of blood protect you from the coronavirus?

While some infected people have to struggle with a serious course and its consequences, others do not even notice that they even carry the virus. But what could be the reason? Researchers in a study in Austria have now confirmed the hypothesis that your blood type may be related to your level of risk of infection.

Several studies had previously found that there was a link between coronary diseases and patients’ blood groups. Graz researchers now wanted to know exactly why this might be.

People with blood group 0 are less likely to get the coronavirus

Dr. Eva Maria Matzhold is conducting research at Graz Medical University along with the highly respected transfusion specialist Dr. Thomas Wagner. In a still unpublished study, they want to find out the connection between blood group and infection. To do this, they examined 399 SARS-CoV-2 positive people who were in inpatient treatment. Now the researchers have already unveiled the first exciting results in advance. One thing is clear: people with blood group 0 are clearly less likely to become infected with the coronavirus. According to Matzhold, this may be due to the antibodies present in the AB0 system.

“The results of our study show that people with blood group O have a statistically significantly lower chance of developing COVID-19 than people with other ABO phenotypes (blood group A, B or AB)”

Eva Maria Matzhold

With the blood groups AB0 we distinguish between A, B, AB and 0. The decisive factor for the difference is the surface structure of blood cells, which is created by various carbohydrates and proteins in the shell, allegedly the membrane . These carbohydrates and proteins are also known as antigens. Although all other blood groups have antigens on the membrane of their blood cells, these cannot be found in blood group 0. And according to the researchers, that could be the definite difference. It is already known that “bacteria or viruses, […] thereby selectively binding to blood group structures and influencing colonization of the affected tissue or cellular absorption [können]”, so Matzhold.

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The results have nothing to do with the severity of the course

Anyone who thinks they are armed with everything with blood group 0 and no longer has to defend themselves is wrong. In their first press release on their study, the research team made clear: The new findings on blood group 0 have nothing to do with the course of the disease. Even such a person could still get sick and even have to go through a difficult course. Only the probability is lower. The research would now continue and the exact causes would be investigated in more detail, but the aim is not a clear one.

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