Monday , January 17 2022

Who can close the gap behind Beat Feuz?


(sda) Alpine skiing is currently fighting on several faces. With new formats as well as thoughts about a reduction in the initial areas, it's fighting for the benefit of the audience. And with more and more snowflies fighting against the changing climate, it became clear in the middle term in many places with extreme weather.

Although a good weather has enabled the Swiss team in San Moritz to have the best possible training conditions over a longer period of time. The snowfall summit scene, the shrinking glaciers and the slopes of brown slopes, which are increasingly in the snow to the autumn end, also make drivers and officers more and more imaginative. "If it reaches the point where we have to race in halls, skiing has died for me," said Gian Franco Kasper, president of the International Ski Federation, in Sölden at the end of October, The weather moves from one extreme to another illegitimate.

From the illegal development Llyn Louise will not be barred. In 2016, men's races had to be canceled there due to lack of snow and too high temperatures; This year, only with delays could be given green light for the start speeds. Only in time for the men's scheduled departure on Saturday and Super-G on Sunday, he arrived in the winter. This enables athletes to focus on their core business for the time being – with another tragedy giving a power to focus on the test. A year after the fatal crash by the Frenchman, David Poisson, Grisons coach Gian-Luca Barandun, who paused a life paragliding flight.

The closer to the races move, the more the drivers must hide these unpleasant aspects and place the focus on the sporty. The first result of the season, especially the slalom victories of Marcel Hirscher before Henrik Kristoffersen and Mikaela Shiffrin before Petra Vlhova, confirms that the pecking order over the summer can be heavy over the stack, is a good sign for Beat Feuz.

Emmentaler, who became the father for the first time in June, won the small crystal ball for the best rider last season, eight times the World Cup bus and won two medals at the South Korea Olympics. It is also promising the fact that his knee did not cause any new problems when preparing.

The fact that the most difficult opponents of Mews from their own camp are unlikely, as it did not go as planned in the previous winter. As the 12th in the classification down and 15 in the Super G Mauro Caviezel was the second best Switzerland. But this is a wholly possible increase. From team circles, 30 year old Humor achievements in the training were heard as promising.

One of the questions in Switzerland-Swi is how Carlo Janka kicks the seasonal seasonal crociate ligament. Not yet at the same level as a year ago, before the injury, the 2010 Olympic champion announced. He also saw himself so badly coping with the new shoe material that could turn to the old model again.

Furthermore, the question arises if Patrick Küng, the world champion in 2015, after the pre-installations of the botch that the curve goes again. One of which Gilles Roulin is able to increase again despite the double burden of studying and the law. If Marc Gisin can be quick anywhere else in Kitzbühel and Wengen. How much does Ninters Hintermann return after the last season lost and shoulder surgery. And the young youngster's Marco Odermatt is already a factor in the speed disciplines.

The place in the sun could make Feuz in the hill down the same as last year. Here is Vincent Kriechmayr Austria, which Feuz admires her great technical style, veteran Aksel Svindal, Dominik Paris, Matthias Mayer, Thomas Dressen and Kjetil Jansrud – with a question mark behind Svindal. Norse, who has been physically restricted for some time, has back doors open to resign after the knee problems canceled in the Olympic winter. Although he can train for five days in October for the first time for a long time, he still estimates his chances of continuing his career to just 50 percent.

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