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WhatsApp: Latest information can have bad results – you should do it now


If you'd like to share photos and videos through WhatsApp, you need to be careful. The popular messaging service changes Monday – and that could have boring results.

Change comes into force today – Update on November 12

WhatsApp of the Messenger service comes into force today is an important change. This could result in the loss of photos, videos and chats that a user has sent.

Great news on WhatsApp from Monday

Update from Saturday, November 10th: Those who do not want to risk losing all of their photos, videos and conversations received or sent through WhatsApp should now operate quickly: On Monday there will be an important change to the courier that could lead to it.

The messaging service redirects to the new storage settings for Android users. The reason for this is initial co-operation between WhatsApp and Google. Innovation that really satisfies users. So far, data such as chat stories, images and videos has always been supplemented by Google's online storage. The big problem with that was that the amount of data was based on the free space provided by Google for all customers (15 GB). From now on, the memory will be stopped. But before that, consumers should clean up so that unnecessary storage space is unnecessarily lost. Therefore, a copy of the data must be made, or otherwise clearing the Messenger service on its own.

If you want to keep your data, you should check until Monday, November 12, if the data has been supported in the last 12 months. If so, there is no risk of unexpected data loss. But if the last backup has already been a long time ago, a new backup is needed. This works by telephoning the sub-item "Talk Backup" in the chat settings. Then, all data can be saved by hand through the green "Save" button. Amgen: Activate the automatic backup data.

IPhone users will not be affected. Their data is stored on iCloud store Apple's online.

Note: WhatsApp removes photos and videos of users – our article from August 21, 2018

Munich – Anyone who wants to send a photo or video today to friends and acquaintances is quick, so mainly through WhatsApp (Krass WhatsApp is changing, as * has reported). Media attachments and receiving messages through the messaging service can be sent quickly and easily, and a built-in backup function makes it easy to save data in the cloud. So they even wait when losing or exchanging the smartphone.

However, there will be a change in the data backup system in November 2018, which could also result in the deletion of photos, videos or user talk stories.

What are these changes? WhatsApp uses the Google Drive cloud to have a backup, giving a free 15-gigabyte storage quota to all users. This free quota also stores backup data from the courier service. So, if you're receiving a lot of videos through WhatsApp, you can quickly get rid of memory. That should change later this year.

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The changes that WhatsApp will make will also bring benefits to consumers, as they will no longer count on the Google Drive storage quota by November 12, 2018. Users can therefore enable an automatic backup without fear of cloud storage. That's what WhatsApp published on its Frequently Asked Questions page. But watch out! This change will remove all contingent data from users that have not been updated for over a year.

Video Explanation: How to save your pictures and videos

WhatsApp: No automatic backup? How to protect your data before deleting it

Anyone who has automatically backed up the data and who has not completed a hand backup for more than one year, should act until the key date if they do not want to lose their data. WhatsApp also recommends hand-held on its website. You can do so by going to "Talk Talk" in the chat settings. Then, all data can be saved by hand through the green "Save" button.

You can also set up an automatic backup that will store your data at the times you are set.

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WhatsApp: Save your data in a timely manner!

Therefore, all users who do not want to lose their history of chat, photos and videos should take the above measures to keep their data. The deadline for the backups that change and delete the old data is 12 November 2018. However, it is wise to take care of backup in a timely manner.


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