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What's counted with Bluetooth boxes


The option of Bluetooth boxes is huge: from the small version for the jacket to the pocket Listen to the way up to station Soundbar For the living room, there is something for every taste – and for each budget.

In general, Bluetooth speakers and hearing speakers can be distinguished. "The border still flows," he said Michael Knott from the Internet portal "". "Smart speakers usually integrate with domestic Wi-Fi and offer integrated digital assistants such as Alexa, siri or Google Assistant. "If you want to send music from your mobile phone to a loudspeaker only, the cheaper Bluetooth speakers would usually serve you.

Which box is suitable, can not say blanket. "It depends on your requirements," he said Wolfgang Pauler, Main test in the "Chip" trade magazine. In any case, the price and quality of the audio are limited only conditional. "A really expensive box does not necessarily have to be the one who sounds the best." In the other direction, it still sees the connection between price and sound: "For 20 € or less, I'm sure there's a box with a good sound."

In addition to the price, other factors apply when choosing the right speaker: If you want to listen to music in the pipeline, you'll get a small, lightbox. "Then I have to make compromises on audio quality as a rule, because with very little volume, I can not produce full sound with real bass," he said Pauler, "Of course there are differences between the roaring disks, that you'll be cheap at the cash desk in Elektrodiscounter, and the boxes, although small-scale technical measures still produce quite good sound . "

For mobile use, good battery life is important. "More than half the Bluetooth speakers we've experienced running at least 10 hours of high volume battery power, so there's no reason to be satisfied with less," he said. Pauler, The

If you want to listen to music on the beach or pool, you should ensure that the device is protected from litter and dust. "This can usually be recognized by marking IP," explains Pauler, The first digit behind the IP letters indicates how much protection against penetrating solids, the second amount of water protection. Higher the number, the better the defense.

Boxes with a microphone can be used as a free pack. However, this does not always work correctly: "You should be careful here: Bluetooth speakers who have done badly with a speaker's phone offer canceling a poor recovery or breaks up speaker often to avoid echoes, "explains Pauler, The

In practice, if it is possible to match a number of speakers of one type and act as a stereo pair, he says Knott, "This usually benefits the sound quality." However, many manufacturers' pledges are too full in their experience – for example, even the smallest speakers can replace the stereo system thanks to "virtual" or similar. "Physical laws can not join 360 degree speakers," he said. "It's better to listen to the sample before buying or, if necessary, exercise your right to return."

The radio function or option to play music from multiple audio sources is high Knott practical. Some boxes also have a large battery that can pick up the smartphone when needed – it is useful when the phone runs out of power. If you want to play music from a SD card, USB stick or jack, the speaker should offer such connections.

The transfer standard also plays an important part in the quality of music. Some algorithms, called codecs, look after compression and signals. "Although the music has been compressed drum in the SBC card, it is distressed AAC or aptX for better audio transmission, "explains Sven Hansen of the trade magazine "cThose who appreciate superior audio resolution solution should choose a Bluetooth box that supports appropriate codecs.

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