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What to expect from Google Developers Conference I / O this year


Mountain View (APA / dpa) – At the conference for Google developers I / O, new details are traditionally about the next version of Android's most popular smart phone system. This year should not be an exception – and it would be surprising if the Internet company also did not show its progress in research on artificial intelligence.

At the same time, it could be presented at the event near Google's headquarters in Mountain View, according to media reports also new hardware. A look at the most important expectations:

ANDROID: Some features of the next version of the mobile system are already known. So there are more privacy settings. For example, the option that apps can track is only when it is active – like an iOS iPhone system that is competing with each other. In addition, Android Q should include controls for the new Auffalt smartphones. The tradition of putting Android versions in the names of the desserts in alphabetical order is likely to challenge Google with the letter "Q".

INFORMATION INFORMATION: A year ago, Google caused a feeling with its duplex software, which is different from a human being. The company had to confront whether talking machines had to identify themselves as software robots. To date, Duplex has only been used as part of a US Assistant in the United States, to book on telephone tables in restaurants and appointments with the hairdresser. What has the software to learn now? Artificial intelligence strength Google should also show in other assistant functions and usually in its photo app.

HARDWARE: Traditionally software is I / O software, but various leaks show that this time may also be devices. In the last few weeks, more and more details about a smartphone from the name Pixel 3a appear online, which should be a cheaper version of the current Google phone. Already in March, he discovered the blog "Android Police" on a Google page, probably published too early for new networked speakers with an exhibition of the name Nest Hub Max.

PRIVACY: Silicon Valley The main corporations of Silicon Valley are currently calling for privacy. The technology giants are now even praising the EU's data protection regulation (DSGVO), which they wanted to stop previously with ongoing lobbying or at least want to soften. One of the pioneers of privacy is Apple. No wonder, since the iPhone group is not dependent on advertising. Recently, however, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, introduced himself as a private data guardian. Google will not leave this topic to the competition alone.

AND OTHER ?: An open question is whether the group will release new details about Google Stadia in I / O, the published cloud games service, where the games run on servers on the network rather than home . Here are still missing information, among other things, the price model. Google could also use the event to introduce fresh software for the car and TV. Meanwhile, Wear OS, the smartwatch system, is unlikely to play an important role, as some new features have been announced in advance.

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