Wednesday , June 29 2022

What Should Huawei Customers Know |


Over a million people in Austria may already use a smartphone or tablet from the Chinese telecom group Huawei. The market shares can not be fixed precisely up to 30 percent, especially in the mid-price segment. The US sanctions in the China dispute prohibit companies from the US like Google or Facebook from doing business with Huawei without permission. Yesterday US President Donald Trump gave a 90 day grace period.

What does the US ban mean for Huawei phone users?

All domestic mobile network operators were quite confused on calling OÖNachrichten. "We watched the situation very close and we will, as soon as it has become a little clearer, decide further," he said about A1 spokesman, Jochen Schützenauer. Peter Schiefer of Magenta complied with the industry opinion held: For Huawei mobile phones, there are no restrictions – right now. Huawei said on request only, that customers would continue to access the Google App Store Play Store and the Google Protect security service. Security updates would be provided, which also confirmed three speakers from Tom Tesch. The Crux: What will be after the 90 days, is open.

What is August?

If Trump does what he has announced, Huawei customers would probably not get an update on their Android operating system after postponing the process from August. By the way, Huawei has been working on his own operating system for many years. However, the device will continue to be fully operational. Existing or downloaded apps would continue to work, as the app developers usually consider this and the software can also work with old operating system versions. But new features and versions would no longer be possible. The condition of the mobile phone would almost “freeze”.

How do sanctions affect Huawei's new equipment?

It will be a different story. Observers believe that future mobile models will not be able to access popular apps (and sometimes set them up) such as Google Maps or Play Store, the Gmail mail service, the YouTube video sharing platform, or a Google browser. Chrome. That will have a huge impact on mobile phone sales and therefore the market share will be heard in the industry. Who wants a pest to buy a mobile phone and even install an alternative map service or play shop? A lot of comfort would be lost through the Google ecosystem that has been taught and well interwoven, which customers demand. They would quickly change to other manufacturers, Huawei would quickly lose ground despite the good price performance ratio.

And consumer protection?

Restricted features on the Huawei phone could give users the idea to fight back. Ulrike White of the oö. Consumer protection says it is still too early to judge legally. However, there is no financial damage.



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