Monday , November 30 2020

“What happened to your face?”

Many followers celebrate the smokey eyes formed in the soft brown shades and glitter of the 38-year-old, who now works not only as a presenter and actress, but also as a motivational nutritionist and trainer.

However, a few fans are irritated because Gülcan looks so “different”. “Gülcan, are you really?” Writes a follower. Others speculate that things are not right here and that Instagram filters or even a beauty doc must have been at work. They write: “What happened to your face? You look different somehow … the area of ​​the nose around the lips … “or” Over-fill filter. Pretty, but that’s not how it really looks ”. Gülcan responds to this with humor and counters charmingly: “The picture is not edited. So thanks for the mega compliment. ”

Later, she uploaded an Insta video where she placed a prominent filter over her face. She writes aloud: “What do I read in some of my favorite online magazines? I’d use filters. In the face. Yes, someone will roast me a stork! Filter! Not my thing at all. “She seems to have a sense of humor …

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